In the production of filter housings – Two welding torches double the productivity

To say it in advance: Müller Opladen masters both technologies – welding by robot and automated welding with customized equipment. After a complete overall cost analysis, the Müller Opladen customer Eaton decided to go for the more than 30% cheaper and more efficient solution – a new automated welding system with 2 burners, which are simultaneously in action.

Eaton Filtration manufactures and sells high quality, high performance filtration systems around the world for a variety of applications in the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and hydraulic and lubricating oil industries. In order to be able to weld the filter housings with their various connections cleanly, Müller Opladen has developed a round-seam welding machine with a fixed welding head and a welding head that can be tilted by 30 °.

With this concept, Eaton doubles its productivity compared to the previous solution. Space requirements and programming effort are also significantly lower with the automated welding system from Müller Opladen.

MO-Eaton-Rundnahtschweißanlage2 Kopie

Filter housings made of stainless steel up to a component length of 2,200 mm, a diameter of 27 mm to 406 mm and a unit weight of 100 kg can be processed safely on this compact system. It uses a WIG welding process with automatic cold wire feed. An automatic torch height correction via the arc height control ensures consistently good welding results. 4 servo-driven axes guarantee gentle and safe positioning of the workpiece and burners.

The worker clamps the component into the three-jaw chuck of the turntable, closes the fireproof door and starts the welding process via the display on the operating console. All parameters that are relevant for the system and for the welding technology (current source, wire feed, etc.) can be found in the controller.