Customized welding system with short realization time

MÜLLER OPLADEN shortens realization time for customer-specific welding systems down to 4-8 weeks by using high quality standard components. For example: A modular circumferential welding system, designed specifically for compensator welding. It can handle automated TIG-welding of cylindrical components with a weight up to 100 kg, diameters of 30 to 200 mm and lengths of up to 1,500 mm.

The components are circumferentially welded bluntly without seam preparation. The welding process is controlled by using arc height regulation. As soon as the arc length changes, the control of the MÜLLER OPLADEN system corrects the drift through an electric height support.

MÜLLER OPLADEN offers rapid realization and short shipping timesby using standardized components, such as

  • a drive station based on a MO-DT 100 HW125 welding turntable
  • a torch feed system comprising a MOBST 180/100 torch positioner with a pipe clamping system
  • pneumatic, motor-driven and manual supports from the MÜLLER OPLADEN module series

In combination with selected standard components for manual or powered adjustment of the torch positioner or tailstock, those components form the basis for competitively priced solutions.

Regarding the integration of power sources, MÜLLER OPLADEN is fully independent of brand or manufacturer and can integrate the best fitting model into the system as desired by the customer.