MÜLLER OPLADEN Extends its Profile Cutting Machines

RB becomes MO: Efficient processing of round pipes, box sections, connection pieces, tanks and dished ends

The five series – MO Compact, Watts, MO Classic, MO Heavy-Duty and MO Robo (formerly RB series) – make it possible to reliably and efficiently perform a huge range of different cutting tasks. For its cutting operations, MÜLLER OPLADEN uses the plasma and oxy-fuel cutting techniques.

With the aid of extensive, CAM-Software, the machines of the MO Compact, MO Classic and MO Heavy-Duty series intended primarily for pipes can be very quickly programmed for the profile to be cut.

With its 7th axis, the MO Classic is capable of cutting box sections perfectly. Thanks to the tiltable chuck, dished ends and tanks can also be efficiently processed.

The Watts product line combines high-performance flame-cutting with extensive logistics in the round pipe segment with diameters up to 1,220 mm and weights up to 12 metric tons.

Large degrees of freedom in the production of steel beams, for example, are delivered by the MO Robo series. These machines have a freely programmable software architecture permitting the autonomous generation of the cutting profiles offline with the involvement of CAD/CAM systems.

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