Our MO-Compact and Watts machine series are versatile machine series for CNC tube profiling with thermal cutting process such as oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting. 

The MO-Compact series covers the diameter range from OD 2 ”to 36” visit our website here to get more information and videos. The Compact series have 6 axis all controlled over the CNC software these machines are engineered and manufactured near the city of Cologne in Germany by the manufacturer Mueller Opladen Gmbh.

The other stationary tube profiling machine series for smaller diameters is our Watts series this is a machine that is engineered and manufactured by the sister company of Mueller Opladen this is at the company Watts-Mueller near the city of Seattle in the United States. These machines have between 2 and 6 axis and cover with different machine models the complete pipe diameter range from 2 “to 48”.

Contact us for a quotation on our tube profiling machines on mail@mueller-opladen.de

With the Watts or MO-Compact machines we offer a state-of-the-art innovative tube profiling machine to the market that has the capability to upload CAD files with technical drawings of the cuts and in our software you are able to add and edit information and afterwards give the order to the machine to make the profile cut accordingly.

Go to this dedicated webpage for software on our tube profiling machines. Or contact us for your questions on mail@mueller-opladen.de

tube profile cutting machine

3D oxy fuel cutting machine for profile cutting steel
CNC gas cutting machine