Plasma tube cutter machine for contour profiling tube and pipe

Are you looking for a  stationary plasma tube cutter  for your factory?

Mueller Opladen has a wide range of fully CNC controlled state-of-the-art machines for profiling tubes by thermal cutting process like plasma or oxy-fuel.

Visit the website  to get an understanding about the different  plasma tube cutter  solutions that Mueller Opladen offers.

As you could read on our website, we offer German made, high-quality, accurate flame cutting machines that could be equipped with a  plasma tube cutter  torch as well besides the oxy-fuel torch, to allow you to profile also stainless-steel pipes . You will use the oxy-fuel torch for mostly carbon steel and ticker wall steel with the preheater function on the machine.

Watch the video here of one of our plasma tube cutter machines: the MO-Classic series .

tube profiling machine

With our  MO-Classic series  we offer you the flexibility to choose between the plasma tube cutter function or the function to do the profile cutting by autogen profiling. You could also decide to equip the machine only with the plasma cutting source. We would advice to do this if you would for example have mostly stainless steel or tough alloys in your pipe fabrication activities.

If you need advice on our plasma and autogenous options and on the different kind of profiling machines send us an email with your questions on 

Mueller Opladen is engineering and manufacturing stationary 3D profiling machines since the 1950s, In 1953 the first stationary profile cutting machines with an autogenous cutting source was sold and installed at a German customer. Mueller Opladen always aims to deliver the most high quality 3D profiling machine and therefore uses only premium machine parts of proven suppliers. The way the machines are built shows you that all profiling machines are manufactured for heavy-duty industrial use and that the machines will last for a long time, the mindset is that we want to supply a reliable machine that is also offering the latest technology.

3D cutting with oxyfuel on pipes
tube cutter machine for 3D profile cutting

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