CNC profiling machine for pipes and tubes from Mueller Opladen

The most sold CNC profiling machines for pipe profiling are the MO-Compact and the MO-Classic series. For profile cutting within the MO-Compact series we offer the Compact 400, Compact 600 and the Compact 900, where the number stands for the maximum pipe diameter in milimiters that the machine can cover for pipe profiling. The Compact 400  goes up to 16 inch pipe diameter, whereas the Compact 600 can do 24 inch and the Compact 900 can even do 2 ”to 36”. These machines are having 6 CNC axes. This machine series is only designed to profile cut metal pipes and pressure vessels.Of course, we can select different oxy-fuel and plasma cutting solutions for CNC profiling on these CNC profiling machines . Basically we work with Kjellberg from Germany and Hypertherm which brand from the United states.

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watch the video of a CNC profiling machine called the MO-Classic series.

pipe coping and profiling machines

Other CNC profiling machines we offer for workpieces such as pipe, pressure vessels, vessel heads, and square profiles are the MO-Classic series .

MO-Classic Machines for CNC pipe profiling and square workpiece profiling

The MO-Classic CNC profiling machines are principally designed for 3D profiling metal pipes and other round objects, but this series has compared to the Compact series one machine axis more which results in 7 machine axis for cnc profiling. This 7 th Axis is necessary to profile cut with the CNC software also square objects like metal girders, beams, U-channels, L-channels, HEB-Beams, H-Beams, Square boxes and Square pipe.

Go to the MO Classic series if you wan to profile cut both pipes and square profiles as explained.

CNC controlled pipe coping machines for 3D and accurate pipe profiling

The MO-Classic is the perfect CNC profiling machine series for profile cutting vessel heads or so-called dished ends, because with the tilt able rotating chuck we can but the chuck in horizontal position to be able to clamp the vessel head on a sort of machine table, than the robotic arm of the MO-Classic with profiling torch could do all the profiling cutting as required in the CAD file.

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If you send us an e-mail we can advise you which CNC profiling machine solution suitable for your request based on what kind of workpieces and diameters you have. Secondly, we directly could talk about the different steel kinds and wall thicknesses in order to see if only oxy-fuel cutting or also plasma profiling is required for a good thermal profile cutting result.

In general, we offer MO-Classic machines also for pipes if the pipe diameter is between 36 ”and 80”. All CNC profiling machines that are designed for pipes are having a horizontal slide (X-axis) in combination with the Z-axis which is the vertical column with the slide on it for profiling the 3D robotic arm that is controlled over the CNC program.

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tube and pipe coping machines for profiling

Over the CNC software the stationary pipe profiling machines are controlled for CNC profiling the pipes and tubes. The company Mueller Opladen Gmbh offers different CNC profiling machines mainly for two different categories pipe profiling or square profile / beam profiling.

Mueller Opladen sold most machines for pipe profiling over the years, with the first machine being sold in 1953 the company has built an enormous experience within this field. The main strategy of the company is the offer the world’s highest-quality CNC profiling machines .

CNC pipe profiling machine MO-Classic

For the pipe profiling machines we are offering multiple machine series, most important that the basic machines are up to 36 ”with 6 axis. The next step are the CNC profiling machines within the MO-Classic series these cover the machine range from OD 50 to 2032 mm (OD 2 ”to 80”) this profiling machine for pipes has an extra axis which makes it 7 axis, to be able to do also square pieces like girders, beams or square pipe.

watch the video of the MO-Classic in operation on the webpage of this machine series.

CNC profiling machineabove picture: MO-Classic machine layout for CNC pipe profile cutting

All the machines use oxy-fuel cutting or plasma cutting to cut through the steel of the pipe and with the 3D profile cutting head preform shapes and contours as requested by a technical CAD drawing. The cutting head is on a robotic arm that is built on a vertical column slide. Visit our website for more information, pictures and videos about these CNC pipe profiling machines from Mueller Opladen.

Uploading CAD files in software CNC pipe profiling machine

We offer 3D profiling machines and the possibility to upload CAD files with technical drawings of the workpiece into the machine’s software. This enables you to send orders and drawings from your office to the CNC profiling machine and the operator at the machine could edit, rotate or add more shapes and contours to the pipe in the CAD drawing and when ready send it to the Corobs of the machine for cutting that particular shapes.

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