Tube coping machines and 3D tube profile cutting solutions

One of our 3D tube coping machines for profile cutting tubes with autogenous or plasma cutting is the MO-Compact series . Mueller Opladen is the manufacturer of these tube coping machines, the company is located in German and has the focus on manufacturing high-quality, reliable and accurate tube thermal cutting machines. 

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tube and pipe coping machines manufactured by Mueller Opladen

The tube coping machines manufactured by Mueller Opladen offer you the option at extra costs to at MOCAM software or so-called 3DPP, this enables you to upload CAD files and these technical drawings you could edit, rotate or nest in the Corobs software of the central control of the tube coping machine. 

This MOCAM software is really providing you the ability to rotate the workpiece in the drawing but it also enables you to nest one part on the other and see if it fits theoretically. Even more profile cuts could be added with this MOCAM software on your tube coping machine .

Our most sold tube coping machine for coping and profiling of reliefs, shapes and contours is the MO-Classic Series this is 7 axis stationary machine for tube and pipes.

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tube and pipe coping machines for profiling

profile cutting machines for pipes and tubes
cnc plasma profile cutting machine