The Oxy fuel cutting technique is the oldest but still very often used thermal cutting process that we use in our 3D cutting machines. Müller Opladen is a machine manufacturer of real German made high quality stationary machines with innovative software and easy to use operator focus. Our machines for oxy fuel cutting steel are well known for its reliability, accuracy and easy to work with CAD-CAM integration software.

The 3D profile cutting machines that Mueller Opladen manufacturers could be equipped with oxy fuel cutting for doing 3D cutting. The oxy fuel process is suitable for carbon steel and the process allows you to do also heavy wall material to for example 120 mm.

We can offer you dedicated machines for 3D cutting round pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, round tanks and large bore pipe. We manufacture the machines for round workpieces up to 4064 mm diameters in standard machine series. Exceptionally, we have offer even larger diameter machines for oxy cutting for example up to 6500 mm diameter.

Another machine series that we have is an automatic robotic cell with length measuring infeed conveyor and electrical driven outfeed conveyor, this machine is developed for structural steel workpieces such as beams, steel profiles, channels and more.

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Our CNC controlled cutting machines could be equipped with oxy fuel cutting or plasma cutting systems. The machine is engineered in such a way that it could use both these thermal cutting processes for 3D cutting steel. We have a machine series that is invented for pipe and vessel profiling other machine series are more focused on cutting different kinds of structural steel workpieces such as beams, steel profiles or channels.

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If you are looking to invest in any kind of oxy fuel cutting machine for 3D cutting steel than Mueller Opladen with it’s over 65 years of engineering and manufacturing know how and expertise in oxy fuel cutting is the right machine manufacturer to advise one their suitable machine solution on any kind of oxy cutting machine for 3D cutting carbon steel material.  Mueller Opladen is able to offer oxy fuel cutting machine that could cut up to 120 mm thickness or with special techniques we could reach even 300 mm of wall thickness on carbon steel materials.

Our oxy fuel cutting machines for round pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, tanks, and other large bore pipe diameters up to 4064 mm (160 inch) we can cut with our specially designed machine series for round workpieces, visit this webpage for an overview on these machines with a selection of diameter ranges next to it.

oxy fuel cutting machine

(above) Picture of a pipe profile cutting machine with oxy fuel cutting and or plasma cutting processes.

If you do not fabricate round workpieces but when your business is more related to workpieces that you particularly could find in the steel construction industries like H-beam, T-beam, I-beam or steel profiles and channels. Then visit our MO ROBO webpage for our fully automated production line for 3D profile cutting structural steel workpieces.

robot for 3D plasma cutting structural steel workpieces

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Müller Opladen is a German machine manufacturer and is selling CNC profile cutting machines since 1953, the company is focusing on providing state-of-the-art high-quality equipment that is reliable and robust.

We have engineered the machines in such a robust way that the machines are well-known for its trust ability and long-life span in the market.

With our CAD-CAM software you could up load CAD files on machine and the machine will profile cut according to the drawing.

We can work with over a 90 different CAD programs and of course also the well-known ones like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Tekla and Inventor.

We could cut out slots, chamfers, bevels, bevelled holes, cut outs, ratholes, saddles, miter cuts and many more complex 3D cuts. Contact us for consultation on your 3D profiling job on

beam profile cuttedprofile cutted beams by plasmapipe cut outtube coping

The equipment that we can offer you for oxy fuel cutting carbon steel are able to perform 3D profile cuts on steel. The machines are static or so-called stationary machines that are put in a factory.

You have to bring your steel workpieces to our profile cutting machine for 3D cutting. Our kind of machines are really advanced and state-of-the-art, we want to offer the market the most advanced machine with the best performance compared to other machines in the market. In our German based company we engineer and manufacture for 3D oxy fuel cutting only machines with a minimum of 6 CNC machines axis !!

round pipe and vessel profiling cutting machine

With all machine models together, we cover pipe diameters from 2 “to 160” which is 50 mm to 4064 mm. All in Germany manufactured machines have at least 6 CNC axis.

A minimum of 4 CNC axis is required for common 3D profile cutting of round objects and the fifth and the sixth axis we use as ” adaption axis ” to adapt on any form of eccentricity in the workpiece.

We scan every workpiece first before we start doing the profile cutting with plasma or oxyfuel.

Besides oxy fuel cutting we can equip the machine also with conventional or high-definition plasma systems from Hypertherm or Kjellberg.

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Oxy fuel cutting is a commonly used method to do straight cutting or 3D cutting of steel worldwide. The major benefits of CNC oxy fuel cutting machines is that for example to cut with propane gas, this is a fairly cheap process and very well suitable for piercing and 3D cutting through thick steel. For typical 3D cutting jobs like cutting out slots, ratholes, miter cuts, beveled holes, saddle cut the oxy fuel cutting is a process that could do the job and therefore it is installed in many of our round pipe, vessel and boiler cutting machines over the world.  

Oxy fuel cutting would also work for our structural steel cutting machines that could cut different kinds of beams, steel profiles and channels.

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That is one of the reasons that we keep selling and commissioning worldwide stationary CNC oxy fuel cutting machines to do 3D profile cutting. Most common is propane cutting and sometimes acetylene cutting is a better alternative. In most cases the propane cutting is a more required and suitable process for the customer and therefore we sell more CNC oxy fuel cutting machines that are equipped with propane gas.

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3d cutting pipes